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Gurukripamarriage.com website is strictly for matrimonial purpose only, not a dating website and should not used for posting any obscene material.

Today, we gurukripamarriage.com are the world's largest, most trusted, and most successful ezhava matrimony website. Thousands of happy marriages happened and continue to happen through us. Besides Internet, we also have a strong offline presence.

Gurukripamarriage.com is the only group to offer 100% mobile-verified profiles, reinforcing the trust that members have on us. Our purpose is to build a better India through happy marriages. We have the record of having the highest number of documented marriages in the Ezhava/Thiyya community. Watch our success stories page of a few couples from our list.

We at gurukripamarriage.com are guided by the noble ideals and messages given to this world by Sree Narayana Gurudevan. We believe that social upliftment is possible only through the upliftment of each person in all facets of life, be it spiritual or temporal. To achieve this, Our Gurudevan has spread the lofty ideals of universal brotherhood which should form the basis for our life and avocation. It is driven by the noble ideal of uplifting the educational and economic well being of the Ezhava community, focusing on the teaching of Sree Narayana Gurudeva in letter and spirit. It envisages instilling the teaching of Sree Narayana Gurudeva in the hearts and minds of the community and adhering his tenets to their everyday lives. The scope and sphere of its activities have not been confined merely to the educational scenario or the promotion of Gurudeva's teaching.

Gurukripa has become an active player in matrimonial service Gurukripamarriage.com continues to march on with the active support of its members and driven by the mission to uphold the teachings of our mentor, Sree Narayana Gurudeva.

Our mission is to help you, to choose the right nuptial match for you or your loved ones. In India, traditional marriages are not just a union between two individuals. It is the union of two families, two different value systems, different beliefs and attitudes. It is a moment which influences the rest of the life. Many agencies and institutions are involved in solemnising the marriages. It is being blessed by religion, approved by society, and authorized by government.

Realising the importance of this social system, Gurukripamarriage.com provides guidance and assistance to people, to find out the best suited alliance for their wards or for themselves. Expertise gained through the years of sincere operations in this field helps us to serve you better. To ensure the quality, Gurukripamarriage.com service is presently dedicated only to Ezhava/Thiyya communities.

Gurukripamarriage.com was formed with the vision to re-establish the unity of the Ezhavas and Thiyyas of the World through matrimonial bond. We help each person to find his/her ideal partner from within the community, anywhere in the World. We have an immense bio-data of Government Employees, Engineers, Doctors, Nurses, Businessmen, NRI's with family visa, and other professionals. It helps you to select the best proposals within a short period of time. We are handling bio-datas from all districts, all states, and foreign countries. So you get enough proposals from everywhere.

With increasing dependence on Information Technology to manage all activities, we at Gurukripamarriage.com are convinced that a matrimonial portal with an in-depth database of profiles will be the best platform for each eligible Ezhava/Thiyya boy or girl to locate his partner with the speed of the Internet and the convenience of a mouse click.

Registration as a member with Gurukripamarriage.com, FREE or PAID, entitles you to upload your profile with photo, horoscope details and a proof of identity (photo & address). While the free search option is open to all members, paid membership under our Platinum and Golden Membership Plans at a conservative one time fee (valid till the occurrence of marriage of the member or particular membership validity period, whichever is early) gives access to contact details of members and exclusive facilities like sending express interest messages and horoscope search etc...

Gurukripa Marriage Bureau was established at Ernakulam with a mission to give proper guidance and support to the Ezhava/Thiyya community in finding suitable life partners.

Gurukripamarriage.com is a marriage bureau for all of SNDP Union Yogam members on the blessed name of Sree Narayana Gurudeva. The Bureau will help our members get the full details and particulars of each and every members registered with us from all over the world through Gurukripamarriage.com or from the Gurukripa office. It is intended to be operated in such a way that all the members of our community can utilize its services 24x7.

When you associate yourself with Gurukripamarriage.com, you are becoming partner in rendering service to the poor people of Ezhava/Thiyya caste. Our objectives also include providing financial assistance to the deserved candidates from Ezhava/Thiyya community. The most modern technology that we have adopted for the smooth running of our organization is ever helpful in that purpose.

Gurukripamarriage.com is the only portal in the history of online matrimony to provide matrimony services solely based on community. It is the right destination for singles looking for a life partner within Ezhava/Thiyya community.

When you register on Gurukripamarriage.com, based on your details, your profile will be placed in our website in such a way that people who have similar requirements find you instantly through our smart search engine. Empowered by innovative tools and modern technology, Gurukripamarriage.com provides the widest choice of profiles that matches your criteria and expectations. Gurukripa is the perfect destination for every prospective brides and grooms.

Highlights of Gurukripamarriage.com (This Ezhava Matrimony): Global and wide set of profiles including NRIs, Free and easy profile registration, Safe and secure site, 100% privacy guaranteed, Enhanced privacy features to protect your photos, Registered profiles are manually screened and validated to ensure they meet the norms of our site, Innumerable privileges for the paid members and standard benefits for the free members, Registered members (Platinum) will receive matching profiles through e-mail based on their partner preference, Easy payment options, User friendly interface and features for easy partner search, Customer service team to assist you in all the queries raised.

Gurukripa is a leading matrimonial service exclusively for Ezhavas and Thiyyas. No matter to which part of the world you belong to, you have come to the right place to look for a life partner.

The Website has been so designed to contain all relevant information about our services. If any doubts still persist, feel free to use our FAQ page, or write to us via the CONTACT US page.

For your convenience, we have our office at Ernakulam only, and please note we have no branches or field agents. So beware of cheating if anyone approached you in name of Gurukripa.

Let us together locate your soul-mate.